A Review of Digit, The Smart Savings Account

Save More Money With DigitYou can’t afford to save more money. Not a single dime. Not a penny. Your budget is tighter than a clam’s ass, and there’s no squeezing anything extra out of it for your savings goals, retirement, debt repayment, whatever.

A little service called Digit begs to differ. It finds “extra” money in your account and automatically saves it before you can spend it.   Keep reading

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PINCHMe Is Kind of Like Birchbox, But Free

Get free stuff with PINCHMeWhat’s not to love about getting a box of goodies every month?

Some frugal-minded people may scoff at the idea of subscription box services, but I kinda get it. You try new things, you (cheaply) satisfy your inner consumer, and, dammit, it’s just kind of fun.

Some of these subscription services, like Birchbox, are pretty affordable, too. Ten bucks a month isn’t bad. But I like free better. And PINCHMe is free.    Keep reading

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7 Discount Services You Can Get From Students in Training

Save Money by Hiring a Student in TrainingSo you need a professional, but you’re on a budget.

One simple, money saving solution? Hire a pro-in-training. Many vocational schools offer discounts, and all you have to do is play guinea pig. You might be surprised at the variety of services that offer this kind of savings. I thought I’d round up a few of them. Here are a handful of discounts you can get from vocational schools or students in training.    Keep reading

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Brokepedia’s Guide to Saving Money on Travel

Saving Money on TravelCool quote about travel: “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” It may be true, but damn, that is one expensive book.

I love travel. I live for it. It’s my favorite thing to spend money on. Because of that, I also try to save money on travel as much as I can. Over the years, I’ve accumulated many hacks, tips, methods and techniques. I’ve written a guide to saving on bills and entertainment. Now check out my guide to saving money on travel.   Keep reading

5 Steps to Saving Money on Cell Phone Costs

Simple ways to cut cell phone costsBack in June, I gave Ting a big thumbs up. They’ve become a popular discount cell phone carrier in the frugal blogging community. Why so popular?

Because they’re badass, that’s why. And I never rarely say “badass,” so it’s got to be true. Almost eight months later, with an average phone bill of $32/month, I can still give them a big, enthusiastic thumbs up.

With so many cheap cell phone carriers out there, it’s become really easy to save money on cell phone costs. But even if you don’t use one of these companies, there are plenty of other ways to save. Here’s a handy infographic that breaks it all down. Keep reading