TripRebel Refunds Your Hotel Price Drop

Get a refund on your hotel price dropThe web is full of discount hotel sites that let you save money by paying upfront. But what if that hotel’s rate drops later, after you’ve forked over the cash? We’ve talked about Tingo, a website that refunds your hotel price drop. Now there’s another player in the game: Trip Rebel.

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Watch ‘We the Economy’ for Free in Theaters on Monday

Free movie: We The Economy in theaters There’s one thing better than a free movie, and that’s twenty free movies. And even better than that? Twenty free movies that (entertainingly) explain how the economy works and how it affects you.

Today, I chatted about this very topic with two people who made my palms a little sweaty:

Adam McKay: director, screenwriter, face of Comedy; and
• Adam Davidson: co-founder & host of NPR’s Planet Money.

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FeeX Finds Hidden Investing Fees in Your Retirement Account

Find the hidden investing fees in your retirement accountSo you’ve opened a retirement account. Maybe it’s an IRA, or maybe you’re taking advantage of your employer-matched 401k. Maybe both. Either way, good for you! Saving for retirement is important.

But those accounts may come with pricey investing fees. And a lot of people don’t know this. FeeX is a website that lets you see how much those fees are costing you. And, yes, it’s free.    Keep reading

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Dumb Money Mistakes That Busted My Budget [Video]

Hey, guys! Ready to talk about my mistakes? Well, my money-related mistakes. No need to relive the time I belted out Born to Run in traffic before realizing my rear windows were down.

Even with the best money saving intentions, I’ve set my budget up for failure on more than one occasion. Here are a few dumb money mistakes I’ve made:     Keep reading

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An Interview With Jump$tart, Champions of Financial Education

Financial education, an interview with Jump$tart.As you know, I love money saving topics. But today’s post focuses on something a little more important than frugality: financial education.

A few weeks ago, I pitched a story idea to a new editor, Financial Samurai of the Daily Capital.

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