Understanding the Economy With Adam McKay [Video]

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about my interview with director Adam McKay and NPR’s Adam Davidson. They worked together on a short film about income inequality, “The Unbelievably Sweet Alpacas.” It’s part of the new film series, We The Economy

I told you I’d post a quick video of the interview, and here it is. We chat about his short film. I ask him why understanding the economy seems so hard. I ask him to give me the most eye-opening statistic he’s come across. He delivers.

And you can check out part of my interview with Davidson over at ThriveWire. He was great, too. We chat about his show, Planet Money, and how he makes economic issues compelling.

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“HowGood” Finds You Socially Responsible Groceries

This app helps you buy from socially responsible companiesAccording to the stats, we prefer to buy from companies that are ethical. Sustainable. Socially responsible. Basically, companies that are non-evil. It’s not always easy to know where a company stands with that kind of stuff, though.

Recently, I discovered a free app that makes it simpler. If you’re into buying socially responsible products, it’s worth checking out.  Keep reading

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The Foodie Buzzwords That Make You Spend More

The Buzzwords That Make You Spend More on Food ProductsWarning: this is going to be the most hypocritical post ever. First of all, let’s address the fact that the words “foodie” and “buzzwords” are, themselves, buzzwords.

Second, I hate the idea of being a “foodie,” but I’m probably the epitome of the definition at its worst. I know nothing about the culinary arts, but I watch food TV, and dammit, I love stuffing my face. We live in the Age of Food, as The Guardian recently put it, and I’m eating it up (teehee).    Keep reading

TripRebel Refunds Your Hotel Price Drop

Get a refund on your hotel price dropThe web is full of discount hotel sites that let you save money by paying upfront. But what if that hotel’s rate drops later, after you’ve forked over the cash? We’ve talked about Tingo, a website that refunds your hotel price drop. Now there’s another player in the game: Trip Rebel.

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Watch ‘We the Economy’ for Free in Theaters on Monday

Free movie: We The Economy in theaters There’s one thing better than a free movie, and that’s twenty free movies. And even better than that? Twenty free movies that (entertainingly) explain how the economy works and how it affects you.

Today, I chatted about this very topic with two people who made my palms a little sweaty:

Adam McKay: director, screenwriter, face of Comedy; and
• Adam Davidson: co-founder & host of NPR’s Planet Money.

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