Frugal Vacation Ideas: Check Out My Interview With Experian!

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Summer is fast approaching, and if you’re lucky, that means vacation time. And one of my favorite frugal topics is saving money on travel. So when Experian asked me to spill my best money saving travel tips for their credit chat, I was ready.

Check out the video above for the full interview. It’s a lot of fun, and it’s full of my favorite tips, tools, and methods for budgeting and saving money on travel. Experian covers a new topic every Wednesday, too. Learn more about it here.

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5 Types of Apps That Save You Money on Groceries

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savemoneyongroceriesI love apps, and I love food. And let’s not forget about my endless love of saving money. So whenever I come across an app that helps me save money on food, I am on it.

But the thing is, there are so many different frugal food apps out there. Which ones do you need? To help you figure that out, I thought it’d be helpful to organize apps by task rather than just list a bunch of them I like.

So here are five different kinds of grocery apps and how they help you save money. I also pick a favorite in each category.

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How I Stayed Frugal in Japan and Still Had the Time of My Life

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Japan on a budgetThis is probably where I should write something profound about Japan and my experience taking in its culture, speaking its language, and learning its history.

Instead, I have just two words for you:

Monkey Park.

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What Can You Do When the System Is Broken?

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I write about money, which is a pretty broad topic. Sometimes, it means writing about the economy. Sometimes, it means writing about basic personal finance rules.

Like most people who write for the Internet, I come across a lot of pushback. Sometimes it’s in the form of rude Internet commenters, but I also get into real-life debates with people who don’t agree with the topics I write about. I’ve noticed most of the pushback falls into one of two polarized perspectives:

1. The system is broken, and I’m screwed.
2. The system is fine, people just like to play the victim.

When I covered the gender wage gap, for example, the criticism fell under the second perspective. Here’s what people argue about that topic:   Keep reading

Calculate How Much You’ll Really Save Ditching Cable

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I’ve been cable-free for a year now, and I’m not going to lie: I miss it. Like most people, I wanted to ditch cable for the savings. But here’s the thing about the amount you save by cutting the cord: you make up for a bit in the streaming services you pay for. For example:    Keep reading