“Milk” Automates Grocery Savings With Zero-Effort Couponing

save money on groceries with MilkI’ve noticed an odd controversy among money bloggers: to coupon or not to coupon. Some say it’s a waste of time; others say it takes less time than you think. Either way, we’ve been arguing about this for too long, money nerds. It’s time to end this beef.

I found a new app that makes it effortless to save money on groceries using coupons. Milk applies coupons automatically. No searching. No clipping. Just saving.   Keep reading

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How to Negotiate Your Bills, With Portland’s KATU

As you may know, I love haggling over bills. Well, “love” is a strong word. I should say, I don’t mind a little negotiating, and I sure as hell enjoy the regular, monthly discounts that come with it.

Ever since I realized how easy it is to pick up the phone and save money, I’ve been pretty hooked on haggling. So when Portland’s KATU asked me to give them some tips on how to negotiate your bills, I said: Sure. Just ask. And to prove how effective “just asking” can be, I sent them a video I produced for Creditcards.com on how to lower your credit card interest rate. Check out the segment below.

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Buy and Use Discounted Gift Cards Instantly With Raise

Buy discounted gift cards and use them instantly in-storeNot to be rude, but if you’re paying full price for gift cards these days, you’re not even trying. There are so many websites that let you buy perfectly useable discounted gift cards. People sell cards they don’t want; you pay less than they’re worth.

Raise is one of these sites, but it has a feature that sets it apart from the others: you can now buy gift cards from your iPhone and use them instantly, in-store. All you have to do is show the cashier a barcode on your phone.

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Simple Ways to Find Cheap Car Rentals

Find a cheap car rentalI’m a big fan of road trips. You get to see the country; you can make fun pit stops. I once discovered an ostrich farm on a road trip! It backtracked us two hours. I couldn’t stop feeding them.

Road tripping is a fun, money saving option — most of the time. Between gas prices and car rental costs, road trips can get pricey. In some cases, the total cost of your trip is comparable to what you’d spend on airfare. But the good news is: it’s easier to find cheap car rentals than it is to find cheap flights. Here are some tips.
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Amazon Filler Item Finder Helps You Get Free Shipping

This tool helps you get free shipping on AmazonI present you with a frugal dilemma. You’ve got an online order that’s just shy of qualifying for free shipping. Do you:

A) Suck it up and pay for the dumb shipping.
B)  Buy a $10 impulse item and tell yourself you’re “saving money” by not paying for shipping; or
C) Spend hours trying to find an item that costs exactly $3.11.

Personally, I’ve always wavered between B and C. And both are silly. But then again, paying more money for shipping also seems silly. Hence, the dilemma. That’s why I was excited to come across a tool that solves this problem once and for all–at least for Amazon purchases.

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