Frugal Road TripRoad trips are one of my favorite things in life. Last weekend, I embarked on one to visit my brother upstate; it happened to be the same weekend gas prices were expected to hit $5/gallon in my area.

Clearly, my timing is on point.

Road trips are supposed to be a frugal travel option, but unexpected costs can creep up, making you spend a lot more than you anticipated. Before leaving for my recent trip, I found myself taking a few frugal precautions, and I thought I’d share them. Here are a few of my frugal road trip essentials.   [click to continue…]


Restaurants aren’t exactly frugal. The food is overpriced, you’re paying for the experience, and the booze is marked up like crazy.

Confession: I’m aware of all of this, yet I still love the experience of dining out. It’s an indulgence, but I budget for it and make my savings goals, so I’m fine with it.

At the same time, if I can find ways to save money on my habit, I’m all about that. A fellow restaurant-loving reader emailed me asking how I save money on food, specifically restaurants. I thought I’d share my favorite tips.   [click to continue…]


money saving travel hacksIt’s a topic that’s near and dear to my heart: saving money on travel.

I love to find, try, and write about all of the money saving travel hacks I come across. And there are a hell of lot out there. But some of them should come with a word of warning, because if you don’t read the fine print, they can backfire.

This isn’t to say these aren’t solid ways to save. They are. Buy here’s what you should know before trying these 5 popular travel hacks.  [click to continue…]


The Budget Factors to Consider When You're Self-EmployedThis article has been written by Barbara Delinsky.

Most people avoid budgeting. After all, who wants the hassle of never being allowed to spend as you wish or live the lifestyle you want? Who doesn’t want to splurge and use their money in the most satisfying ways possible?

This isn’t a problem for someone who’s affluent or already knows when and where to cut back. But problems arise when a person with a modest income splurges or lives beyond their means. And those problems can be worse if you have a variable, inconsistent income.

Basic household budgeting is necessary for someone who deals with an irregular paycheck. To get that burden off your shoulders, here’s a game plan that will always keep your financial plan for your household expenses on the right track.   [click to continue…]

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Money personality quizMoney has a hell of a lot to do with mindset. Sure, the math is also important: it’s easy enough to crunch some numbers and create a budget. But whether or not you stick to that budget depends on your mindset. This is what makes personal finance, well, personal. Your personality affects your money decisions, habits, and behaviors.’s  Money Personality Quiz, designed by eHarmony scientist Dr. Galen Buckwalter, can shed some light on your own behaviors.

My results were eerily accurate, and I’ll share them after the jump, [click to continue…]

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