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Whatever happened to our Ting giveaway? Plus, ask me some questions and listen to me answer some reader/viewer questions about:

• Sticking to a budget
• Relocating
• Saving money on cable

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FinCon 2015“Kristin, what’s a FinCon?” you might be asking.

Well, reader, FinCon is a conference for writers, bloggers, and other personal finance content creators. In short, it’s where money nerds go to geek out with other money nerds.  I’ve been writing about personal finance for a few years now, but this was my first ever FinCon, and I was not disappointed. Other bloggers have told me, you have to go, and after spending a few days with them in Charlotte, N.C. last month, I get it. It’s a blast, you learn so much, and you meet really cool people. Really cool people who want to talk about money!   [click to continue…]


I hate spending money on things I never use, but a gal’s gotta have car insurance. Well, a gal who drives, at least, and that’s me.   [click to continue…]


Back in 2004, I joked with a friend that someday we’d do all our shopping via the Internet and we’d never leave the house. We scoffed like it was the most ridiculous thing we’d ever heard.

Eleven years later, my mailman brings me toilet paper.   [click to continue…]


Personal Finance BooksMoney isn’t everything, but that cliché isn’t much help when you’re broke and trying to pay the bills.

Money is powerful. Not having enough of it can have a huge impact on your life, and so can having too much. When I was little, I knew I wanted to be rich as an adult. Not like, “I have a guy who cleans the pool on my yacht” rich, just rich enough to buy Oreos at the grocery store without worrying about it.   [click to continue…]