Lastminute Auction Finds Cheap Deals for a Dollar or Less

Saving money online: last minute auctionsBargain hunters, you’ll appreciate this find.

Ever discovered a last minute deal on an eBay item and paid way less than the item was worth? If you like saving money, you know that’s a damn good feeling. This website, Lastminute Auction, makes it incredibly easy to find those deals.

The concept is simple. They list all the eBay items that have an hour or less until they close and are also selling for a dollar or less. The items are organized by category, but you can also search for specific items.   Keep reading

Brokepedia’s Guide to Saving Money on Entertainment

A Guide to Saving Money on EntertainmentYou don’t need money to have a good time. But let’s not pretend like it doesn’t help.

Watching a new movie, enjoying a tasty cocktail, visiting your favorite restaurant–these things take cash. Fortunately, saving money in each of these categories is also pretty easy. I created a guide to saving money on bills–now check out this guide to saving money on entertainment.    Keep reading

Where You Can Find Free eBooks Online

A database of free ebooksReading is not dead. Sure, it’s changed–some of us may have morphed from bookworms to eBookworms, but reading is still very much alive.

And whatever genre you prefer, the Internet is chock-full of options. Free options!

From fiction to textbooks to horror, there are hundreds of thousands of totally free eBooks online. Here’s where you can find them. Keep reading

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6 Overlooked Places to Find Coupons

Save money with these often overlooked couponsSay the word “coupon,” and most people will assume all you do is fritter away your hours with a pair of scissors and a mile-high pile of newspapers.

Sure, some money saving tactics can be time-consuming. But many are so easy, it’s stupid. Sometimes all it takes is paying a little extra attention. Here are a few overlooked places to find coupons.

Keep reading

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Smart Ways to Repurpose Your Old Cellphone

repurpose your old cellphoneOver the years, I’ve accumulated a small pile of old technology. Included in this pile are a few ugly, cracked cellphones.

As you might’ve guessed, these puppies are worth next to nothing. Not knowing what to do with them, I pitched an idea to my editors over at ThriveWire: Smart Ways To Repurpose Your Old Smartphone. Keep reading