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Save money at the movies with free stuffLights dimmed, and the previews were over. Silence set in. The movie was about to start.

Then, out of nowhere, the T-mobile jingle echoes in the theater. Yep–some jackass’s phone. I waited for it to stop, but it just kept going. So inconsiderate, I thought, rolling my eyes. I huffed and looked around me. Really? I whispered. It was still going. Another five seconds of awful noise passed until I had a sinking realization:

I was the jackass.

That’s right, I was huffing at myself. I’d silenced my phone but forgotten about an alarm that was set.

There’s no real lesson here. Mostly just that I’m a jerk.

But if you’re not, Cinemark will reward you with free stuff. If you download their app, you can earn free popcorn and drinks just for turning off your silly phone during the movie.

As Slickdeals user TheBigCountry explained:

“I downloaded the Cinemark app while at the movies the other day. Before the movie, they tell you to turn on ‘Cinemode’ during the movie. Once the movie is over, you clickon the Cinemode button to turn it off and you collect your reward…So far the rewards I collected are – free medium fountain (first time user) and Free small popcorn with purchase of any size fountain.”

BigCountry adds that you can also upgrade to a larger size, and they’ll apply the coupon towards the price. Nice, Cinemark!

The movie theater’s site confirms this little find:

“Now featuring Cinemode- an exclusive and interactive way to earn Cinemark rewards while being courteous during the show.”

Of course, the app is free. After all, what good are free snacks if you have to, um, pay for them? Anyway, you should always turn your cellphone off and shut up during a movie. It’s just good manners. If nothing else, do it for the free popcorn.

Photo by Ginny.

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3 comments… add one

  • penny March 17, 2014, 9:43 am

    Good find! And good marketing strategy from Cinemark!

    • Kristin Wong March 17, 2014, 9:54 am

      :) I wish there were more Cinemark theaters near me, but I figured it was worth sharing!

  • chloe November 25, 2014, 11:08 am

    Does anyone know how to get the cinemark app

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