How to Lower Your Energy Bill and Save Money on Electricity

save money on electricityEven if you own your house or apartment, living there isn’t free. From property taxes to power, continuing expenses can be, well, expensive. But even though everyone uses electricity and water, we often don’t realize that we’re literally pouring money down the drain with the inefficient use of energy. But it doesn’t have to be that way. A few little-known tips and tricks can save you real money.

Here are some of the top ways to reduce your energy use and save money on your electric bill.

Use Cold Water in Your Washing Machine

It’s best to wash your clothing with cold water. Not only will it prevent shrinkage, but it will also save on your power bill. According to LG “about 90%” of your washing machine’s energy usage is due to heating water. Washing with cold water cuts that usage dramatically. Advances in technology and detergent mean that washing in hot water is unnecessary for nearly all types of clothing. In fact, for delicate pieces, cold water is less likely to shrink or distort the fabric.

Lower Your Water Heater Temperature

If your water heater temperature is set too high, it’s costing you extra. Some water heaters are set to 140 degrees by the manufacturer—even though 120 is sufficient for most homes. Reducing your water heater’s temperature from 140 degrees to just 120 will help you save money on electricity. (Plus, 140 degrees is probably too hot for your skin, anyway.) This video from explains more, including how to make the change. Your wallet—and your skin—will thank you.   read more…

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Make Money and Travel With a Working Holiday

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What the Save More vs. Earn More Debate Gets Wrong

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