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8 of the Best Tools for Booking Cheap Travel

cheaptraveltoolsTravel is one of the great pleasures of life—but it can be extremely expensive. Luckily there are many websites that allow you to save some serious cash on your next trip. Whether you use a rewards credit card, a last-minute hotel booking service, or stay for free with couchsurfing, there are a wealth of ways to travel within a budget. Let’s look at the best cheap travel resources.

Get the Best Deal on Flights


The website Secretflying is sort of like a “deal of the day” site for cheap travel. They post extremely cheap flights. For example, they recently highlighted a deal from Los Angeles to Stockholm, roundtrip, for only $298. Sometimes, these are error fares, which are occasionally canceled after purchase, and sometimes these are legitimate deals offered by the airlines. This option works best if you can be flexible with your travel, as the flights are usually for specific dates. Either way, these are fantastic prices that allow you to save hundreds or even thousands on travel.

Discount Airlines

In Europe and Asia there are a number of airlines whose entire business model is built around offering dirt cheap travel.

If you’ve already made it to Europe, airlines like RyanAir and EasyJet offer super cheap fares for travel within the continent. London to Paris for $30, anyone? Within Asia, Peach offers great flights to and from Japan and Jetstar offers discount flights to Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hawaii, and more.

Discount carriers also offer select flights from the USA. RyanAir flies from New York CIty, Miami, and Boston. Wow Air offers flights from San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, and more. Peach flies to Honolulu. These airlines offer cheap travel at surprisingly reasonable prices. I flew Wow Air roundtrip from San Francisco to Stockholm for around $300, and it was great. Keep in mind, you often have to pay for extras, like picking a seat or checking a bag. However, even with the added fees, the prices are typically significantly cheaper than flying with a traditional airline.  read more…

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